Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2018

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The Age of Distinctively Gold

Capture the spirit of our time to revitalise gold jewellery

The wheel of time moves as quickly as our society advances. The customer base is constantly renewing: “millennials” born after 2000 are gradually becoming the main customer segment, which is highly sought after by the market. Observing the consumption behaviour and stylish tastes of the “millennials” has become the key to uncover new opportunities to explore into the future market for gold jewellery.

“Millennials”yearn for a unique and unrestrained lifestyle. They hope to gain recognition from the society, stay connected with the mainstream, and at the same time, demonstrate their own individualities. Primarily, “millennials” have these consumption philosophies: chic and stylish, personalised, design-oriented. They tend to look for something special behind the design, culture, characteristics and emotions of a product.

“Millennials” do not have a strong attachment to the material used in jewellery; they are faintly interested in the cultural connotations of gold jewellery; they look for design concepts and they prefer individuality. All these show that the new consumption segment of “millennials” have consumption concepts that are radically different from traditional ones.

This is the time to refresh the embedded meaning of gold jewellery, so that it relates to “millennials”. We need to highlight a high-level cultural connotation of gold. The objective is to revitalise gold jewellery so that it connects with the consumption mindset of the young consumer demographic of “millennials”. Gold jewellery should be a carrier of young individualities, accentuated through fashionable and innovative designs and fused with the essence of modern culture.

Designs of “The Age of Distinctively Gold”should explore into the three directions listed below:

Individuality in the Mainstream-“Millennials” look for a differentiator that blends into the mainstream. How do we strike a balance between these two aspects, so that the concept of individuality can be organically merged with mainstream ideas?

Cultual Revitalisation- To revitalize its connotations so that “millennials” can pass on its legacy, traditional culture must be manifested in a renewed manner in respond to changes in time.

Innovation and Rhythm-“Millennials” attach much importance to design concepts. We must put our unbounded imagination to work, capturing the spark of creative innovation and injecting the rhythm of our time in our works so that the inner voice of the youth can be heard.

Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2018

Rules & Regulations Organized by Hong Kong Jewellers’ & Goldsmiths” Association and sponsored by Hong Kong Trade Development Council and World Gold Council, the 17th Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2018 is opened to the public. The competition is divided into three groups: Open Group, the Fashionable 18K Group and Student Group. All groups are expected to design concept of “The Age of Distinctively Gold: Capture the spirit of our time to revitalize gold jewellery”of World Gold Council on the three themes: “Individuality in the Mainstream”, “ Cultural Revitalisation” and “Innovation and Rhythm” Participant should seek sponsorship from a jewellery manufacturer, who is willing to produce the jewellery items from the sketches once they are chosen as the winning models. If the winning sponsorship company is an exhibitor of the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show 2018, a winning banner will be displayed in its booth as a congratulation.

1. Objectives

  • To stimulate the creativity and to raise the standard of craftsmanship of Chuk Kam jewellery industry.
  • To stimulate the market demand of Chuk Kam jewellery.

2. Groups, Main Themes & Categories of Designs

  • Groups Open Group-persons interested in the design of Chuk Kam Jewellery (Chuk Kam-gold fineness of not less than 999.)
  • The Fashionable 18K Group-gold fineness not less than 750
  • Student Group-full time students

Main themes “Individuality in the Mainstream”, “Cultural Revitalization” and “Innovation and Rhythm”

Categories, Rings, Earrings, Chains, Bracelets, Brooches / Pendants, Others

  • Each entry should be composed at least 2 of the below categories.
  • Each designing sketch must be mounted on a 10”x 14”cardboard, and submitted to the Association together with an entry form.

3. Judging Criteria

The panel of judges will select the contesting pieces base on

  • The practicability and its potential to stimulate the Chuk Kam jewellery market demand (30%)
  • The properties of Chuk Kam and creativity (30%)
  • Craftsmanship (20%)
  • The attractiveness (20%)

In the preliminary screening, a number of designs will be chosen from each category. Entrants of these designs will be informed and instructed to have the designs produced into Chuk Kam jewellery items, which are to be submitted for final judging.

4. Conditions for participation

  • The names of all entrants, sponsors, and logos of sponsoring companies should not be shown on the designing sketches nor on the jewellery. The judges will not be given the names of entrants during the selection.
  • The Chuk Kam jewellery pieces can incorporate other materials such as semi-precious stones, pearls, diamonds, gem stones, etc. However, glass and plastic, etc are not allowed. Ornaments cannot exceed 20% of the finished piece.
  • Except the Fashionable 18K Group, all jewellery pieces must be made of Chuk Kam with a gold fineness of not less than 999
  • For items participating of The Fashionable 18K Group, the minimum gold fineness is 750. Components of the other materials, such as Chuk Kam, semi-precious stones, pearls, diamonds, gem stones are allowed as long as they do not exceed 20% of the items. Glasses and plastics are not acceptable materials.
  • If any discrepancies are found between a submitted item and its original design, or its gold-fineness does not match its marked indication, the entry will be disqualified
  • Winners may not disclose his/her Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2018 result prior to the formal announcement of the winners by the Association.
  • The Organizers will exercise maximum care in handling all entries. However, the Organizers shall assume no liabilities for damages or losses of any kinds

5. The winner jewellery pieces will be handled by the Association, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council And World Gold Council for display in exhibitions held in and outside Hong Kong.

6. The Association have all the rights to publicize and advertise all the designs and finished jewellery items for future exhibitions or other uses

7. To support the organiser’s promotional and exhibition requirements, winning entries must be kept for at least 12 months after they are returned to the sponsoring company


8. Address for entry submission
Hong Kong Jewellers’& Goldsmiths’Association
13/F., Hong Kong Jewellery Building
178-180 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
For enquiries please call Ms Cheung of the Association at 25439633
(In the event of ambiguity, please refer to the Chinese version.)